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Engraving machine “Almaz” fifth series 600 х 400 mm

Engraving machine “Almaz” fifth series 600 х 400 mm

Machines of this model differ in complete autonomous control block with the sensor display. The image is transferred with the SD-card right towards block. That is why, there is no need to connect to the computer. Control is conducted with the help of the 3,5 sensor display. 



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Engraving machine “Almaz-C” is designed to engrave the image on the stone with point (raster) method. Engraving is conducted by the transference of the digital image on the surface by gradual strikes of the working instrument; that is diamond needle. Granite, gabbro, basalt, marble, and glass can be the surface to engrave the picture on it. 

Machines of “Almaz-C” series differ in the complete autonomy and do not require the connection to the computer during the working process. Transfer and download of images to be engraved is conducted with the SD-card on which one can burn about 50 separate files. Thereby, in case of the aforegoing retouch and prepare of images there is no need to have the computer in your workshop.

New control block is stored with 3,5 sensor display to enter the engraving parameters into the controller program, that are step, number of  passageways etc. Besides, when choosing 2 passageways at engraving the image, needle makes 2 gradual strikes onto one point, and doesn’t make new passageway of the whole line of the picture. There is a function, which makes the preceding layout of the perimeter of the engraving image by the striking head (needle). 

This model has more extended menu than the previous version M. It becomes possible to adjust machine settings to engraving image with more accuracy. This includes an automatic change (from the screen menu) of the airspace between engraving needle and material; the output of engraving image on the screen with the visual control over the process of engraving, and calculation of the duration of this process. It also includes more accurate and convenient adjustment of the brunt, balance of black and white, what provides even smoother switchover from black to white. In turn, this increases the quality of the engraving image. Moreover, all regulations are conducted with the help of the sensor display, mechanical adjustments on the control block are completely absent. 

The control over program functions and positioning of striking head is conducted with the sensor display. The constant built-in power consumption system of the processor will preserve your initiate work if there is some power supply failure. If there is no power supply, this system will transfer the machine to the pause regime. After power supply is restored, the system will automatically renovate the work from the spot of stoppage without any risk of needle offset. 

 The distinctive peculiarities of the machine are:

  • Light weight and overall dimensions what will simplify transportation, storage and, as well, use in small manufactories; 
  • Qualitive units of brand producers (Bosch-Rexroth, Hiwin and others); 
  • Built-in autonomous controller and non-volatile memory which do not require the connection to the computer; 
  • High speed of the image working out and engraving; 
  • Resistance to stoppage in power supply; 
  • Minimal power consumption; 
  • The use of SD-card to download images; 
  • The sensor LCD-panel on the machine control block; 
  • Simplicity and clearness of the built-in software; 
  • Large selection of the grey gradation and user permission for the engraving image; 
  • Software regulation of the speed of work by user; 
  • Unresponsiveness to the difference in the levels of the stone surface; 
  • The possibility to work in the vertical position; 
  • The use of combined gears (scheme “stepping screw + scrap”) what considerably increases the speed of work and general resource of the machine; 
  • The considerable depth of engraving; 
  • Minimal operating costs and service;
  • Huge resource of units and details; 
  • Permanent availability of repair kits and consumables including needles of high quality; 
  • Easiness in personnel training what doesn’t need special knowledge; 
  • 1-year warranty service; 
  • Setting out to the client to train the personnel and mortise the machine;
  • Permanent support of all clients, including the possibility of setting out to them at their address (throughout Ukraine) during the post-warranty period.


Dimension (type, description)



Work desk, mm


Weight, kg

25, 19 or 16

Energy consumption

~ 220 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption, W

not more than 80

Type of the gear

X-axis – strap
Y-axis – screw

Download of images into the control block


Independence of the controller

Completely autonomous 

Internal memory

Yes; non-volatile

Processed materials

Granite, gabbro, basalt, marble, glass

The depth of engraving, mm

to 0,5

Positioning accuracy, mm


The steps of engraving, mm

From 0,1 to 0,5 with the accuracy of 0,025 mm (100-20 steps/sm)

Shades of grey

From 2 (bit format) to 256

The combined regime

Yes; 256 shades

The speed of engraving

1-2,5 hours for the images with size 30х40 sm

The resource of the working instrument (needles with the diamond weight 0,06 carat)

10-30 images with size 30х40 sm

The maximum incline of the workpiece

90 degrees

The warranty period

1 year

Availability of the post-warranty service


The possibility of setting out to the client (Ukraine)


The delivery complement of the engraving machine “Almaz-C” consists of: 

  • Machine; 
  • Control block; 
  • Connection cables (2 items); 
  • Composition of reserved needles (5 items); 
  • Software; 
  • User Guide.


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